Groupage Cargo Transportation

International transportation of groupage cargo is an important area of Albacor Shipping’s business.

With our established network of partners, we can deliver small cargo shipments to consolidation warehouses in many European countries, including Lithuania, Germany, Poland and Italy, among others.

Our customers have the option of delivering goods to a warehouse independently, using their own transport. After consolidation, the cargo is forwarded to its direct recipients. This arrangement is convenient for small shipments, and allows for door-to-door freight transport.

Groupage Cargo Transportation

International groupage cargo is delivered mainly by trucks due to low costs and fast speed of delivery. But, if necessary, railroad or sea transport can be incorporated into the route. The choice is dictated by the specific features of the route and economic efficiency. In cases when urgent delivery is required, air transport can be a reasonable option.

Along with transportation of consolidated cargo, our company provides a full range of associated services:
  •          identifying the most efficient route of delivery according to customer needs;

             warehouse storage, collection, packaging, and preparation for shipment;

             customs clearance in Europe (Carnet-TIR, EX-1, T-1, CMR etc.);

             assistance in obtaining customs clearance in Russia.

Albacor Shipping’s experts have extensive experience in consolidated cargo deliveries. Our company guarantees that the delivery of consolidated cargo from Europe will be carried out in the shortest timeframe at a reasonable price, according to our customers’ needs.

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