Shiment of boats to China

Shiment of boats to China

Shiment of boats to China

Our ocean freight department has successfully completed the delivery of 2 boats to China. Special boats of Russian production, intended for oil spill liquidation on the water surface, to be delivered from the Moscow area to Tianjin.

It was needed to transport 2 boats on special trailers, as well as various attachments to them:

Boats Dimensions (LxWxH) 750 x 230 x 250 cm

Trailer Dimensions (LxWxH) 1050 x 232 x 100 cm

Weight of boat with a trailer without additional equipment was 3,500 kg.

To reduce the cost of transportation, taking into account the sizes, it was decided to load boats into the sea 40HQ containers. After loading from the plant 3 marine containers were delivered to the railway station Silicatnaya. Here, remotely via the Moscow railway customs, the goods have been issued for export. Then containers were transported by rail to Vladivostok, from where shipped to Tianjin. Transit travel time was 32 calendar days.

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