Mining Equipment

Historically, mining has been a very important sector of the Russian economy and supported the development of industrial production. Russia is rich in mineral resources, which places our country high in international ratings.

Technologies for mining and equipment production are constantly improving, so that machines are more efficient and productive, load and unload at faster rates, and perform better in extreme conditions.

Горно-шахтное оборудование

The standards of shipping mining equipment have also improved in order to accommodate the large size of support units, road headers, excavators and mine dump trucks, and to assure delivery of such cargo to the hardest-to-reach and remotest mines in the country.

Albacor Shipping has extensive experience in shipping mining equipment and is a reputable and reliable partner.

In our work we pay special attention to the following crucial steps:

  •          designing the route;

             designing schemes of loading and fastening;

             customs clearance, including for spare parts, tools and equipment;

             cargo insurance.

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