Raw Materials

Imported raw materials play a vital role in the industrial production of many Russian companies.


The delivery of raw materials always requires rigid terms of delivery and effective handling of some unique tasks:

  •       shipping dangerous goods and providing for specific temperatures;

          transporting liquid non-dangerous chemical or food products in flexi-tanks, as well as purchasing flexi-tanks for clients;

          delivery of liquid tank cargo and the use of IBC containers;

          delivery of bulk chemicals in chemical tanks and octabins;

          purchasing auxiliary supplies for fastening materials in large rolls by length and/or diameter.

As a rule, prices for raw materials are determined by multiple factors, and our clients have to search for new suppliers and expand their supply geography.

We currently provide a successful and regular service of delivering raw materials from South-East Asia, the Near East and North America.

Albacor Shipping has extensive experience in providing customized solutions for our clients. We fully understand that the transport expenses for raw materials have a significant impact on their cost of production. We possess all the necessary resources to be able to offer the best rates to our clients.

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