There has been a significant increase in investment into the development and modernization of infrastructure, such as railways and roads, inland waterways, airports, as well as educational and healthcare facilities. Infrastructure is the most important long-term investment in any country.


Most experts agree that the development of the road system will have a significant effect on economic growth in Russia.

Albacor Shipping is experienced in delivering a wide range of construction equipment, such as:

  •          building cranes (caterpillar and tower);

             road-building machinery (bulldozers, excavators);

             tunnel boring machines (TBMs).

We cooperate with leading companies in the tunnel building industry (Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corporation, Robbins, NFM). Shipment of tunneling construction machinery is organized with participation of our specialists from several offices and departments, including:

  •          project department (delivery of TBMs and over-sized parts);

             air freight department (express delivery of spare parts and TBMs components);

             customs clearance department (technical specifications, declarations).

A smoothly running construction equipment and spare parts delivery and customs clearance system helps ensure uninterrupted performance at the construction site. Albacor Shipping is always ready to assist its clients in improving their logistics and procurement.

Our specialists have regularly visited the construction sites of our clients, and thus gained a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, and demonstrated the importance of the services we provide.

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