Energy Production

In Russia there has been a steady increase in power generation since 2000. Approximately 29,000 thermal power stations, 160 hydroelectric power stations and 12 active nuclear power plants provide for a total capacity of about 233,5 GW.


Nevertheless, experts note that in order to ensure the security and safety of Russia’s energy supply and to create strategic capacity reserves, a number of major projects have to be executed. Any project in the energy sector bears significant logistics costs as all key components of a power station are generally either oversized or overweight cargo.

Albacor Shipping is always ready to deliver transformers, gas turbine units and generators, as well as power station structural elements. Cooperating with the leading international and Russian engineering and energy companies provides us with invaluable experience in finding unique and comprehensive solutions for every project.

Systematic preparation for an energy project includes:

  •        close cooperation with the foreign equipment supplier and designing technical specifications;

           elaborating a cargo route;

           timely delivery of hoisting equipment to the transshipping/unloading site;

           obtaining approvals for the equipment import with regulatory bodies (especially innuclear energy projects);

           preparation for the customs clearance to release the cargo within one business day.

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