Railway Transportation

Albacor Shipping provides railway transportation services both in Russia and internationally. Due to a well-developed railway network in Russia and European countries, cargo delivery by railroad can be carried out to remote and most hard-to-reach regions. Railway transportation plays a significant role in carrying oversized and overweight cargo in cases when other modes of transportation are not possible.
Railway Transportation

Albacor Shipping provides the following railway transportation services:

  •          delivery of standard cargo in rail cars;

             railway container transportation;

             railway transportation of oversized and overweight cargo;

             redirection, tracking, and safeguarding of cargo throughout the route;

             loading plan calculations;

             loading and unloading of cargo at stations;

             customs clearance of cargo at border crossings and in Russian regions;

             railway tariff payments;

             door-to-door cargo delivery in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

Direct agreements with Russian Railways and TransContainer, as well as owners of the rolling stock, railway stations and transshipment terminals provide for high quality services at competitive prices.

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